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Olympian Gas Generator Set Specs

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Olympian Generator Sets

Standard Features on Olympian Diesel Generator Sets:

Note: Features vary on models installed in North America.
  • 43°C (109°F) cooling system
  • Engine lubricating oil
  • Antifreeze / corrosion inhibitor coolant fill
  • Steel skid base with lifting points
  • Vibration isolators between engine / generator mounts and skid
  • Starting battery(ies)
  • Battery charging alternator
  • Battery rack and cables, installed on skid
  • Exhaust silencer supplied loose
  • Main-line circuit breaker
  • 1002T key-start panel (on models up to 88kVA models with Perkins Engines)
  • Digital auto-start panel (on models 100 kVA and above with Perkins Engines)
  • Factory tested to full load specifications
  • Full protective guarding
  • Electrical stub-up area directly below circuit breaker
  • Emergency stop

Optional Features Available on Olympian Gas Generator Sets Include:

  • Enclosures, weather protective and sound-attenuated, with common key
  • Isochronous electronic governor
  • Extended capacity fuel tank, up to 24 hours run time
  • Static battery charger
  • Jacket water heater
  • Engine lubricating oil drain pump
  • Higher-level exhaust silencers
  • Generator anti-condensation heater
  • Generator excitation: AREP and permanent magnet
  • Remote annunciators
  • Control systems, remote monitoring, digital metering, multiple alarms / shutdowns, auto-start to utility synchronizing
  • Automatic transfer switches
  • Circuit breaker options
  • Coolant and lube drains piped to edge of base
Consult your local dealer for a complete list of options.